Our ‘Why We Do What We Do’

A near-death traumatic experience that our CEO Rosie Frost went through left her in a place mentally, physically and nutritionally (internally) that she had never visited before. She was malnourished, severely underweight, weak, scared and lost. She felt broken and unsure of how to live in the world she was now suddenly back in properly.

On her healing journey, Rosie faced many demons and through therapy and support, education and care; she was able to rebuild herself.
She connected with Founder, Ben Fitzgerald via LinkedIn and was due to lead a workshop on mental health….then the pandemic hit. Rosie and Ben decided to continue working together as they shared the same vision for kindcody.

Together they had a lightbulb moment: if we are better educated about our health and the importance it has on our happiness and life satisfaction, then perhaps we would be better equipped to deal with life’s inevitable challenges.

kindcody as we know it now, was born!

We know that being human is hard. There is no denying it.

However, with the tools and skills to better support ourselves through the natural struggles we all go through; the less negative impact they would have on our overall health.

Rosie wishes she had, had these tools as they could have saved her from the incredibly difficult trauma she now lives with. She is on a mission to better inform individuals and companies on how to build resilience, decrease stress and understand the importance of physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing.

We know what we are doing: our Founders have lived it and overcome the most difficult of challenges in life.

There is life after struggle. There is joy after sadness. There is hope after darkness. There is calm after a storm. We promise.

Are you ready to change up your approach to your people’s livelihood? Let us take care of YOU.

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Rosie Frost and Ben Fitzgerald, Founders of kindcody

Have a listen and watch of an interview between the Founders and our Head of Social Media, Jamie Boyce:

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