How To Fit Exercise Into Your Mummy Life

By Emma Baldwin

Head of Wellbeing, kindcody

17 November 2020

It’s all very well wanting to exercise to lift your mood and shift some pounds, but how exactly do people with young children and limited childcare manage to find the time? After being awake through the night, and looking after youngsters all day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is move from the sofa once you put your little one to bed.

However, exercise can make us feel and look better and healthier, so it is well worth the investment of your time. Here are a few tips to help you fit exercise into your life.

Find Something You Enjoy

By finding an exercise you enjoy, you won’t feel like it’s such a chore. If it’s not something you dread, chances are you will be more inclined to do it regularly and less likely to give up after a few weeks. It doesn’t need to be elaborate either, anything which raises your heart rate is doing you good; go for a walk with your little one in a buggy or sling, and get more of a workout from pushing or carrying the weight of your baby.

Find A Class

Many communities now have classes where you can bring your baby along with you. There are classes where baby remains in the buggy and you exercise around them, others where baby joins in, or acts as your weight, baby yoga, and more. So do some research and allow your exercise to be a bonding experience for you both.

*Creche * Local gyms and fitness centres often have creche facilities available. Obviously, this would double up, giving you some ‘me’ time and a workout, knowing your child is in a safe environment nearby.

Home Workouts

When your baby is napping or having a snack, why not try a 10 minute workout. You can get DVDs, online workouts, or even put your own sequence together combining press ups, squats, and more to give you a whole body workout. Baby will probably find it very entertaining watching you prance around the living room, while they suck on a breadstick.

*Relax * If there is something which helps you relax, then why not get someone to watch your little one for you while you go swimming, running or attend a yoga class, if this is an option. By finding something which is enjoyable for you and doesn’t feel too mentally strenuous, you’ll feel less cheated about missing an hour on the sofa.

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