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Our ‘Why We Do What We Do’

    A near-death traumatic experience that our CEO Rosie Frost went through left her in a place mentally, physically and nutritionally (internally) that

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    Mindfullness Meditation

      By Emma Baldwin Head of Wellbeing, Kindcody 17 November 2020 Research suggests that meditation is a life changing practice; with regular meditation

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      Fitness, Mental health

      Mental Health in Sport

        By Aaron Community Manager, kindcody 25 May 2021 Working in the field of work can be a blessing, but a moment of challenge & low moments. Aaron

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        How to stay motivated and smash your fitness goals

          By Fitness Team , kindcody 21 January 2021 Whether it’s to lose body fat, increase strength or simply walk more often, we all have fitness goals we

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          How To Fit Exercise Into Your Mummy Life

            By Emma Baldwin Head of Wellbeing, kindcody 17 November 2020 It’s all very well wanting to exercise to lift your mood and shift some pounds,

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            Life Coaching

            How to be more optimistic.

              By Rachel Lyon Life Coach, kindcody 26 September 2020 Learn how to become more optimistic in your own life! Rachel walks us through some really

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