The Ultimate Wellbeing Platform

Improve your physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing whilst developing new skills and discovering how to live your best life.

Live Classes

We offer the most extensive and robust timetable to get you active, energised and feeling happier. Our classes will help to build connection and trust amongst your team.

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The whole family is welcome

Our online platform is breaking down barriers and improving the way families approach wellbeing.

Being human is hard work!

Struggles and challenges are inevitable in life: work, relationships, the challenges of parenthood and of course, our own unique experiences. It seems that over time we have simply forgotten the importance of being human and the role kindness plays. Cultivating compassion is in our DNA and at kindcody, our team starts each day with the intention of making someone else’s better.

A safe, online environment for the whole family

We offer a comprehensive package which supports your entire family to develop as individuals, providing your children with classes like live yoga, educational story-time and playful workshops to encourage them to be open and explore new ways of communicating and understanding emotions. 

How can we help you?

Our platform is transforming lives

* We provide members with access to insightful live classes that engage, inspire and care. 

* User’s are happier, calmer, more engaged, sleep better and get sick less often

* In households where respect and kindness thrive, individuals can expect an increase in energy by 26%, which is needed more than ever.

Educate. Inspire. Care.

The ultimate family gym for physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing.

What's included?

We pride ourselves on breaking down barriers and advancing accessibility to mental wellbeing services. Our pioneering platform benefits individuals by valuing the most important areas of your life.

Go Premium. Be Happy

To keep things simple we have put together two packages to support you and your family.

kindcody / Monthly


  • Main community
  • On-demand
  • Exclusive events
  • 1-1 Bookings
  • Live classes
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kindcody / Yearly


  • Private groups
  • Family access
  • kindcody kids
  • 1-1 Bookings
  • Live classes
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The Founders

Ben and Rosie met back in 2020 during the covid pandemic, they realised they shared a common goal and vision for a global brand where everyone had access to wellbeing support, irrespective of circumstance. From two different backgrounds they have come together to inspire real change in people's lives.

Ben Fitzgerald
Rosie Frost

"Be kind. Be bold. Wake up and ask why not, dream big and believe beyond curiosity. Together we can. "

Ben Fitzgerald - Founder

Meet Our Team

Our community is built around incredible people who believe in one universal goal.

Member's Feedback

Life is about experiences and sharing those moments with people we love and care for. Don't just take our word for it, hear what our incredible members have to say.

kindcody kids

Physical development

Through engaging adventures, secret missions and trips to Mars, your kids will be developing their proprioceptive awareness, harnessing developmental milestones and building muscular agility and strength; all whilst having bundles of fun

Emotional and language development

At kindcody we believe in teaching children about feelings and how we can teach our bodies and minds to work as a team so we feel as positive as possible throughout life. We use beautiful stories to uncover emotions safely and then we discuss them in more depth with age-appropriate real life examples. We want all kids to grow up knowing it is ok to feel and to understand what to do when different emotions arise.

1-1 counselling and coaching

Online coaching and counselling is accessible and affordable through our network of qualified and vetted professionals.

Easy as 1-2-3

Choose your professional and service required and simply book in your online session via our easy to navigate bookings calendar. 

Affordability for members

Our members receive reduced rates when booking through our platform with savings up to 40%. 


Come and join our community

Our community is growing everyday and we look forward to watching you grow, learn and discover so many activities aimed at improving your overall health.

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